TABU at 100+ Selected Interior Stores

Manufacturing nothing but products with supreme quality, Tabu Design is one of  the top leading brands in the furnishing  industry. Sticking with contemporary style for all their furniture, they bring an exciting design spirit by taking inspirations from all cultural elements in Indonesia. Tabu’s style DNA is consistent mixed tones of the owner’s Spanish-Indonesian background that can be seen on every furniture’s detail. So does the materials, Tabu successfully collaborates various sources, such as leather, copper and stencil inserts that were carefully selected to catch the intended results.

This brand has a 13-year experience in exploring local beauty as a main inspiration  for their enchanting furniture. With such sufficient experience, Tabu Design has been producing versatile products for various interior spaces. Wrapped by a fine sense of art, Tabu Design also celebrates trends by adding some modern elements to their collection which follows European standards. Especially the chairs, they all comply with requirements for the safety, strength and durability.

With monthly production reaching more than 2,500 pieces a month, Tabu could be considered as one of  local’s most wanted  interior products trend setters. Their series of furniture ranges from chairs, tables, buffets, consoles, to library needs. They have accomplished many successful projects and have furnished various lavish hotels, resorts, villas and restaurants from all around the globe. Mexico, China and St. Barth are only some of them. From tropical houses to luxurious weekend villas, Tabu has mastered them all with such a reputable resume. Gaining a lot of positive responds from the public, they accept tailor- made requests as well.