Knowing of Mindi Wood in Furniture Field

Tabu Design uses Mindi wood for furniture manufactureDo you know what is Mindi wood ? this wood has a hardness resembling pine with a nice and prominent wood fiber. Mindi wood for Jepara furniture manufacture is quite popular because of its affordable price and beautiful wood fiber, suitable for home and business.

Mindi wood is one type of wood commonly used for the manufacture of furniture is usually furniture that using basic materials of Mindi wood is a classic style furniture, antique, and modern with natural finishing coated.

Why is that? Because this Mindi wood is one type of wood that has a unique wood fiber texture and has a fairly high oil content, thus this type of wood is suitable for finishing types such as rustic style finishing, or natural.

Mindy wood is produced or derived from the mindi tree. This tree grows in many tropical regions such as Indonesia, India and Burma. The characteristics of Mindi wood are Wood porch or wood in the middle is light brown virtual red or some purple self-styled, and wood sapwood or reddish-white wooden edges. The boundary between sapwood and wooden terraces is very clear. Mindi wood has fiber that is straight or somewhat integrated.

Mindi wood is a kind of easy to do wood such as cut, shrunk or shaped so that this wood is classified as good wood carpentry. Mindi wood is often used to make furniture products with medium to high quality.